Compare & synchronize folders.

System Requirements: Mac OS X v. 10.4 Tiger or later

Match is not optimized to synchronize or backup huge numbers of files or system files.

Match is a file synchronization tool particularly designed for personal documents or project files.

  1. BulletDifferences are clearly listed before items are copied or deleted. No clicks necessary to get at deeply nested files.

  2. BulletMatch provides many means for sorting, searching, and analyzing to easily find the files your are interested in.

  3. BulletVisualizes and handles differences as they occur in every-day situations, e.g. Finder™-labels, custom-icons, extension hidden, capitalization, etc.

  4. BulletPresents clear information for each file or folder explaining how it will be synchronized.

  5. BulletSupports many foreign file systems.

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